learning disabilities and vision

Vision and Learning Disabilities

There has long been the perception that children who have learning disabilities are more prone to having vision problems than others.  There is also a long-standing belief that learning disabilities are caused by vision problems.  The truth is that learning disabilities are not caused by vision problems.  It is also a fact that children with learning disabilities do not have a higher incidence of vision problems than children without learning disabilities.  While jerky eye movements, crossed eyes, poor vision, and trouble focusing has long been linked to learning disabilities, these issues do not cause learning disabilities.

learning disabilities and vision

If Not Vision, What Causes Learning Disabilities?

While there is a tendency to blame learning disabilities on vision problems, the real cause of learning disabilities will vary from child to child.  In many cases, the actual cause of a learning disability is not known, even though 15 out of 100 children have a disability.

Common risk factors associated with learning disabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Having a family history of learning disabilities
  • Premature birth
  • Trauma experienced during or right after birth
  • Infection of the central nervous system such as meningitis
  • Head injury

Testing for Learning Disabilities

If you are worried that your child may have a learning disability, you must talk to the child’s pediatrician.  If the child is school-aged, talking to their teacher about their abilities may confirm your thoughts or put your mind at ease.  If you think that there is a need to test, this can often be done through a pediatrician, neurologist, or even the school district.

If you believe, after talking with a teacher or doctor that a learning disability isn’t the issue, it is still a good idea to have the child examined by an eye doctor.  Every child should have an exam done to ensure that they can see, so they can learn to the best of their ability.  A full exam by an ophthalmologist is always a good idea if you are concerned about vision or visual abnormalities.

Find an Eye Doctor for Your Child Today

If you have decided an eye exam is a good idea for your child, you may be wondering what doctor you should visit first. Finding an eye doctor, even if you need a specialist should not be difficult.  Best Vision Now has an easy to use eye doctor directory that will help you find someone nearby with ease.  Check out our eye doctor directory now so you can get your child in for an exam sooner rather than later.