Top Five Reasons to Select an Eye Doctor

If you are like a lot of people, you find it quite easy to put off going to the eye doctor.  Unless you’re having an ongoing vision or eye problem it is easy to put on the back burner, but there are important reasons to select an eye doctor and visit them yearly for your checkups.  Even if you have great vision and don’t currently require correction, a yearly visit shouldn’t be ignored.

select an eye doctor

Why an Eye Doctor Is Important For Your Health

Vision is not static.  In other words, just because you have never required glasses or contacts in the past, does not mean you will not suddenly develop vision problems later in life.  If you do have vision correction, many people find that their prescription changes vastly over time.  The human brain is great at adapting, so you may not even be aware that you are not seeing as well as you once were.

Nearsightedness is becoming an epidemic.  Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is becoming an epidemic. This is the most common reason for vision correction for people under the age of 40.  It is currently thought that 25% of the population has myopia, and by 2050 predictions are that at least half the population will have it.  Instead of allowing for nearsightedness to go untreated, it’s better to correct it with glasses, contacts, or LASIK so it does not cause headaches or visual disturbance.

Glaucoma. Many issues can affect the eye, but glaucoma can be serious.  The real issue with this disease is that there are often no symptoms until you have permanent vision loss.  Having a yearly exam with a doctor you have hand-selected will allow changes in the eye to be seen immediately.  If glaucoma is caught early, treatment is available and vision loss can be mitigated.

Disease. It’s often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and this is very true when it comes to your overall health. Did you know when you have an annual eye exam your doctor may be able to see that you have other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol?  Having an eye doctor that you trust is one more safety check for your overall health.

Simple vision screenings are not enough.  Did you recently have a physical with your doctor and pass the vision screening?  Or pass your driver’s license renewal vision screening?  While it is a good indication that you can see “well enough” it is not a substitute for a full vision exam.  Screening is checking vision, but an eye exam is looking at vision and overall eye health.  An eye doctor is looking for diseases and issues that may not present themselves early on as vision loss.

It is Time to Find an Eye Doctor

Now that you know why you should be going to an eye doctor; it is time to find one.  You can use our very user-friendly directory by simply inputting your zip code.  With thousands of doctors in our directory, you will find it easier than ever before to select a doctor and make your health a priority.